TechRev's products showcase the best utilization of Information technology. With high-end performance being the cornerstone of our custom software development product process, we bring you a wide array of technology products that help you choose what's best for your day-to-day operations



Web, iOS and Android Applications

eyeDnow enables organizations to adopt and implement the best visual identity verification and customer-onboarding process using a real-time, encrypted video communication.

Features that makes eyeDnow one of its kind:

  • Visually validate the person on video-call with a valid Photo ID, in a secure environment.
  • It is highly intuitive.
  • eyeDnow is device agonistic.
  • Authority person a secure Invite-link to customer’s mobile-number or email-id. Customer joins by clicking on the link.
  • eyeDnow captures customer’s multiple ID-proofs using customer’s device-camera.
  • It captures the ‘IP address’ of the customer.
  • It captures ‘Geo location’ of the customer’s device, when available.
  • Video call can be recorded and saved along with all captured data on cloud storage.
  • It is a SaaS (Software as a Service), plug and play system

Developer Efficiency Workbench (DEW)

DEW enables developers to create enterprise-level software applications in hours.

  • It allows developers to save almost 50% of total time and cost.
  • It allows to develop NodeJS/AngularJS/Angular based Applications.
  • It enhances the developers’ productivity by 100%
  • DEW is completely platform independent application.
  • UI designers can have the drag and drop facility.
  • It allows Query and Rest based service with zero coding.
  • It offers Intuitive Flow Programming with drag an drop support.
  • It provides supports for PostgreSql, MySql, SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite.
  • Developers can use Intuitive Wiring Tool to Integrate, Data and UI Controls.


Android, iOS and Web

eNotaryOnCall is a cost-effective platform designed to allows customers to connect for virtual Notarization with a simple and easy four step process. eNotaryOnCall allows both the parties, notary and the customer to transact through a secure meeting while capturing signature to sign any document.

  • Customers upload documents and requests notaries.
  • Connect with licensed notary within 2-3 minutes of the request.
  • Sign documents electronically with notary’s assistance.
  • Download the notarized documents instantly.

Digital Notarize

Web, iOS and Android Applications

Digital Notarize also allows licensed notaries to register and offer digital notarization to customers. Digital Notarize allows capturing pictures, Geo Location and IP Address of the customer's device.

  • Digital Notarize is hosted on a cloud based auto-scaling and load-balancing environment, to handle multiple Notarization requests with appropriate security protocols.
  • Digital Notarize is built with the Highest Standards for Privacy and Data Security and is SSL enabled.
  • Uploaded and notarized files, Captured ID proofs, call-recordings are stored in a secure cloud environment.
  • Digital Notarize helps and allows online customer signature capturing via web-cam and processing of signature.
  • It captures signature and processed signature can be added into the document.

Recruiters Candidate and requirement Management System (RCRMS)

The Recruiters Candidate and requirement Management System helps in managing the recruitment process from initial client proposal to final offer acceptance.

  • It’s a web-based application.
  • It has a comprehensive database of candidates, requirements and companies.
  • The RMS enables a recruiter to quickly locate and survey information about requirements, candidates and clients.

Payroll Management system (PRMS)

The Payroll Management System covers all government-mandated forms for companies to maintain and provides these forms in an easy-to-use format for both employees and employer, saving time over manually processing.

  • The software assigns the employee a salary structure then starts generating and managing payroll processes for the particular employee.
  • The payroll management system is capable of generating all reports related to company, employee, attendance, government forms etc. in an efficient, accurate manner.

Human Resources Management system (HRMS)

We make sure that we deploy the right human resources into the right projects best suiting both the candidate and company’s prospective. We perform human resource planning and management to ensure the same.

  • Our Human Resource Planning and Management system facilitates in our online recruitment functions.
  • From an employee’s prospective, he/she has the ability to use this system and apply for open requirements that match their individual skillset.
  • The employers are able to review employee information, timesheets, leave application, attendance, reports, etc. approved by management.

Time Entry and Expense Management System (TEEMS)

Teems is an intuitive yet powerful web-based timesheet that simplifies time and expense management. It is an entirely web-based product with easy to use interface and accessible from all popular platforms and web browsers. Once an employee provides the timesheet to his/her immediate supervisor, it is either approved or rejected .If approved it gets forwarded to the next level supervisor. After the approval from the third level supervisor, the timesheets are updated in the system. The TEEMS then notifies pending time entry and also for approved timesheets. The system would also notify for rejected timesheets. The TEEMS can be easily installed on local servers. It enables expense entry view for employee to enter their expenses occurred on project and detail reports for monitoring expenses.