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eyeDnow enables organizations to adopt and implement the best visual identity verification and customer-onboarding process using a real-time, encrypted video communication.

Online document checking, verification and remote customer-onboarding are becoming inevitable parts in almost every industry.

A great number of organizations have adopted different types of remote verification services to implement a safe customer-onboarding process. The truth is that finding a comprehensive and tailor-made Visual ID Verification Solution can a challenging affair.

TechRev features eyeDnow -the perfect visual ID Verification and digital on-boarding solution.

How Does eyeDnow work?

  • eyeDnow allows users to conduct an end-to-end encrypted live video calling session with customers.
  • eyeDnow captures facial images and images featured on the ID card of a customer so user can have a real-time comparison.
  • eyeDnow also captures information like IP-address and Geo-location of each customer, then stores them in a downloadable report.
  • eyeDnow allows users to conduct any number of video calls at a time.
  • eyeDnow comes with a Salesforce integration feature.

Businesses can now use eyeDnow to handle the entire customer on-boarding and visual ID verification process remotely in a secure/encrypted environment.

Node JS - Server side

Angular only- front side

Database: Microsoft SQL

Web Server: AWS