Web, iOS and Android Applications

eyeDnow enables organizations to adopt and implement the best visual identity verification and customer-onboarding process using a real-time, encrypted video communication.

  • Identity theft & fraud has always been daunting
  • Visual Identity Verification during the pandemic became difficult
  • Secured business processes for remote work
  • Customer and employee onboarding during work from home
  • Manual registering with documentation is time-consuming

There are too many prospects for you online, and the solution to verify them all successfully is here. Before onboarding any customer, client or employee, eyeDnow helps you eliminate any risk of identity theft or fraud. eyeDnow leverages real-time identification during virtual interaction. It pioneers advanced verification technology to match the real-time selfie with the provided government ID. It's fast, accurate and end-to-end encrypted.

eyeDnow is currently functional, used by organizations & entities for end-to-end secured meetings and onboarding processes.

Node JS - Server side

Angular only- front side

Database: Microsoft SQL

Web Server: AWS