Website/ Web application

Client is based in Florida, USA and is active in Healthcare industry. He had a vision to communicate intelligently to save time and improve care. The client was looking for web portal which could be used as a hospital management system to make the whole functioning digital along with features like administration and monitoring, practice management, patient management.

The challenge was to develop a web application for the client incorporating all the features.

TechRev provided a web application solution using Objective C, XCode, Java and Nodejs. which is present in the form of web application.

Solution completely overcomes the challenge of client needing a web portal for hospital management which could cater the needs of doctor and patient along with various management functionalities.

TechRev provided the web application with features like

Integration module:
  • Bulk upload, patient physician, practices
Messaging Module:
  • Web Chat
  • Future messaging
Support Module:
  • Create Physicians
  • Create Staff
  • Create practice
Management Module:
  • Hospital census
  • Patient search
  • Patient billing

Coming soon - Result

  • Operating System: Android
  • Programming Language: Nodejs, Angularjs, Angular Material
  • Database: MySQL
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio Code