Cube Care

Web Applications

The client is active in the Healthcare industry. The client had the vision to become the most trusted, successful and respected company in its industry. The client needed a smart and efficient vendor management system for its products and curtains services to be offered specifically to huge hospitals such as Aventura, Baptist, Bethesda, Cleveland, JFK, etc.

The challenge was to develop a web application which will fulfill the needs of all operations required to run a big business like this. This also includes automating multiple parts of the works to reduce manpower and save time.

Techrev successfully provided a web application solution using .NET technologies with MS SQL server, being the best of the time with SQL server database capable of handling multiple requests at the same time.

Solution completely overcomes the complete requirements of client wanting a functional management system along with various management functionalities. The cubecare website application is enabled with features like:

Client Module
  • Hospital Setup
  • Basic Hospital details
Curtain Process:
  • Curtain setup
  • Curtaining scanning with custom barcode
  • Manual curtain installation
Report Module
  • Various curtain reports
  • Financial reports
  • General reports
  • Admin report
  • Activity report
Admin Module:
  • Manage user
  • Manage drop downs
  • Pay by track
  • Dispatch board
  • Scheduling board
  • In house board
Issue Tracker Module:
  • Create and report Issue
  • Unique Issue ID
  • Raised by
  • Created date
  • Issue Status
  • Resolution

Client is successfully using this solution at Florida location for managing curtains, scheduling of weekly and monthly schedules and visits with pre-scheduled time slots. It has helped client in following way.

  • Client can easily setup a new hospital within a few minutes.
  • Client can set building structure easily giving exact number of processes and operations required per hospital.
  • Clients can schedule the visits using the web application.
  • Cubecare’s mobile application let’s end users easily install or remove curtains by directly scanning barcodes.
  • Curtain process let’s client scan bar code easily with Bluetooth scanner and get data on mobile app.
  • Easy billing feature lets client automatically indicate invoicing to be made or payments received.
  • Issue Tracker feature let’s end user report issue, which can be resolved by support team.
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
  • Framework: .NET 4.5
  • Programming Language: C#, Angular Material
  • Web Serve: AWS
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studios