iOS Doctor App

The client is active in Healthcare industry. The client had the vision to communicate intelligently to save time and improve care. The client was looking for an intelligent doctor centered universal health care communication platform designed for doctors, doctor’s office staff using which they can manage and communicate with their patients, which could have features like emergency alerts, patient alerts, internal messages, external messages, video call appointments, search doctor’s, doctor’s integration, etc.

The challenge was to develop a mobile application for Doctor/ Doctors staff on the iOS platform incorporating all the features.

TechRev provided a native iOS mobile application solution using Objective C, XCode and Nodejs. The solution provided is present in the form of live applications in apple Appstore.

Solution completely overcomes the challenge of they call EDDO (Excessive documentation data overload). Due to this physician were facing problems like communication breakdown, duplicity, and inefficiency among the various electronic health records. Physicians are now capable of the processing capacity whereby they will never miss the critical facts.

Messaging module: (Patent approved)
  • Internal messages
  • Direct messages
  • External messages
  • Current messages
  • Future messages
  • Delayed messages
Alert module:
  • All patient alerts
  • Messaging alerts
  • Notifications
Physician module
  • Listen MD physicians
  • NPI verified physicians
  • Local physicians
  • Patient list
  • No distraction settings (Patient approved)
  • On call staff
Hospital module
  • Admitted patient
  • Hospital listin

Coming soon

  • Operating System: Android
  • Programming Language: Nodejs, Angular JS, Angular Material
  • Database: MySQL
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio Code