iOS application

Client is active as a public benefit corporation. The company had vision to provide ride sharing capabilities to elderly with safe and secure travel to let them attend events. The challenge was to create a well-defined and easy platform which can help create and schedule events along with app notifications for members. The solution must offer quality senior care to aging people at affordable prices. To make this happen the client was looking for a solution which could make event attending process easier, convenient and comfortable for elderly people to provide relevant services to elderly people at their doorstep.

The challenge was to develop a hybrid application which could be used everywhere irrespective of the platform weather web or mobile.

Techrev used proprietary technology called as DEW (Developer Efficiency Workbench) provided a Hybrid application which works flawlessly in Android, iOS and Web, with responsive design, hence irrespective of screen resolution, the application adapts itself.

Hybrid application gives client the benefit of having all the applications available on three major platform.

With DEW the application development time and cost let to a deduction of more than 50%.

Keepfluent provides following features like:
  • Events creation
  • Ride Scheduling
  • Pick-up and See off
  • Driver calling with ride status (eta) on maps
  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Member login
  • Events listing based on Organization and area.
  • Web - Admin panel for administration and monitoring.

The iOS patient application has been successful for Doctors and Patients along with practice staff members to intelligently and efficiently communicate in between without going through many documentation processes to get any update. With the application patients can get their updates instantly via secure messages directly from the doctor’s office.

The updates to patients are instant incase of emergency situations and sickness as doctors can make video call to have a face to face communication with patients directly.

  • Operating System: Android
  • Programming Language: Nodejs, Angular JS, Angular Material
  • Database: MySQL
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio Code